Funny Spam Email (and blog standards)

I’ve decided that in order to post more to my blog, I won’t hold myself to any standards. I am not going to be publishing an essay every week (or anything like that) because I don’t want to stress out over finding ideas for my blog posts. I will just post things on my blog whenever I feel like sharing something. Even if nobody reads it, I’ll still be able to look back on it myself. I also won’t publish anything on any set schedule. I might do two posts in one day, or maybe once a week. We’ll see. Today’s post is just something I chuckled at and thought I’d share.

I was looking through my spam folder today (as I do on occasion), and I stumbled upon this email:
A funny spam email I received.

The email, sent from “BREXIT EMERGENCY (CNN)”, quotes famous billionaire investor and businessman Warren Buffet, warning that the “BREXIT Chaos Is Going To Cost Millions of American Jobs.” A quick google search of this fake headline brought up a website with the following domain: Obviously a terrible attempt to lure CNN readers to their spam site. (edit: Of course I didn’t click on any link inside the spam email. I googled the title and clicked on the search result. Google and Google Chrome have good built in malware protection. If Chrome had warned me, I wouldn’t have gone there.) On the site (and in the e-mail), Buffet goes on about “The Global Cash Code” – “Possibly the only option for Americans to survive the BREXIT CHAOS.” I just find this stuff hilarious. Even the premise in the subject is a lie! It’s such a terrible attempt to mask a scam network with the credibility of others. I love seeing people’s terrible attempts at tricking victims into scams…