The Fish Spa (Prague)

In Prague I went to a fish spa. I had first seen this concept in Copenhagen, but I wasn’t able to justify the exorbitant cost of the treatment. When I found a similar place in Prague, however, the lower price was able to convince me to get the foot treatment. Before the treatment, they wash your feet and spray them with a mystery liquid. My bet is that it is a bait or sweetener, to get the fish to eat more. After the spraying, you go to the tanks of fish where you sit down and put your feet in. I took a video of the fish biting (embedded below). It feels really cool!

They forgot to kick me out after my allotted 30 minutes, and since I also wasn’t keeping track of the time I got a bonus 20 minutes. All in all the fish spa was a great experience. And my feet felt really smooth afterwards.