No Blog Left Behind

It’s been just over a month since I last posted, when I promised the upcoming Sofia blog post. I’ve been working on it slowly but surely, so bear with me while I finish it. In the meantime I also traveled to Rome for a week, which was beautiful, amazing, and delicious. I’ll definitely share some experiences from Rome in the future.

Meanwhile, my German skills have been continuously improving. I’ve even reached a level at which I am comfortable going alone to the Bürgeramt (like the DMV for Americans, but way more services and way more bureaucracy) to navigate the process of transcribing my American license into a German driver’s license.

On an unrelated note, I absolutely love trams. They’re also quite photogenic. Here’s a picture of a tram I just took…

That’s all for this post, just a little update and reassurance that I’m not dead. Bye!


(PS. I just posted this blog post from my phone in Berlin to a server in California while in motion on a tram. Isn’t technology wonderful?)